2005 – Dark Side of the Robot



Drive Train/ Transmissions:

6 wheel drive- teter chassis

2 speed, dual CIM Drive

High gear: 12 ft/sec

Low gear: 5 ft/sec

Skyway Drive Wheels


The first robot to have some reason or rhyme to placement of electrical gear

Goals: Modularity and symmetry

Everything is LABELED!


Light/Strong/Flexible, made of 1/2in “Europly” (9 ply Russian Birch)

Total robot weight: Approximately 114 lbs

Base dimensions- 27″x37″


Cap 6 goals in 1 round

Lift Mechanism:

Folding elevator lift made of 1/16th square aluminum tubing with cable driver carriage

Utilized finger to pick up and deposit tetras on goal

Features large bore roller bearing fabricated by students