2006 – Spyro



Drive Train/ Transmissions:

4 wheel chain drive

Front: dual high traction wheels

Rear: dual omni-wheels

Two speeds

Low gear – 7ft/sec

High gear – 15ft/sec

Air-powered siege feet


The team’s first in modular electrical fabrication

Built everything in the shape of a boot to fit the robot

All electronics were built separately and installed in one day


Light/Strong/Flexible, made of 1/2in “Europly” (9 ply Russian Birch)

27 inches by 30 inches


Twelve balls in the robot at once!

Ball Collection + Shooting Mechanism:

Air-powered tip table

CIM powered spucker to pick up and dump balls

Single rail conveyor mechanism utilizing rough top conveyor belt material

Shooting mechanism: CIM motor driving a 6-inch skyway wheel. Pitching machine rotates 150ยบ