2007 – Renagade



Drive Train/ Transmissions:

2nd Generation transmission

2 speed custom pneumatic shifter with custom encoder PCB

High gear – 15 fps

Low gear – 4 fps

Two-wheel drive

Shopping cart layout with ball casters in the rear


Transmission/wheel assembly quickly removable via axle pin, and pneumatic/electrical


Electropneumaquarium generation 1


Completely removable

Electronics and pneumatics all in 1 place

Team’s 1st attempt at being completely modular with a completely removable electronics/pneumatics

Multi-layered design separates power and control systems

Pneumatic subsystems divided to distribute weight evenly

Transparent lexan carrier design


Light/Strong/Flexible, made of 1/2 in “Europoly” (9 ply Russian Birch)

Approximate weight: 118 lbs

Base Dimensions: 32.25″ by 27.25″


Agile and very easy to turn

Could easily do a “donut”

Lifting Mechanism:

Two stage lifting arm

Rotating jaw to pick up FIRST distributed game pieces

Modular wrist interface allowed to test multiple prototype versions