2008 – Guido



Drive Train/ Transmissions:

Rear Wheel “shopping cart” drive, ball casters on front.

2 Speed, Dual 2.5″ CIM Drive

Hi-gear: 37fps (no load speed)

Low gear: 5.7 fps

High Traction drive wheels

Custom Encoder boards give Speed, direction, hi/lo gear and temperature indication to OI

Transmission/wheel assembly quickly removable via axle pin and pneumatic/electrical connectors

On board camera to record “robot-eye” view of the game


ElectroPneumAquarium GEN II

Lightweight/removable unit contains all electrical and pneumatic major components

Easily removed/installed via multiple quick disconnects

Symmetrical/Intuitive design layout for troubleshooting and maintenance

Chassis/Upper Structure:

Light/Strong/Flexible, made of 1/2 in “Europoly” (9 ply Russian Birch)

Total Robot weight: Approximately 114 lbs and agile – 2 front ball casters allow “effortless” turning

Base dimensions – 27″ x 37″

Innovative “5th wheel” design, pneumatic cylinder lifts and lowers the “5th wheel”, which raises the front of the robot 1/2″ and improves straight line stability

Four Bar – Fork Lift Mechanism:

Made of 1/8″ and 1/16″ wall square aluminum tubing and 80-20 1″x1″

Pneumatic powered 4-bar with spring assist

Able to knock a trackball off from under the overpass without stopping

“Guido Hands” movable gloved hands for herding the trackball


FAST Lapper/Herder!

14 laps on unguarded field

10 laps with 5 other robots

Crosses 5 lines in hybrid mode