2009 – Tycho Drifter



Drive Train/ Transmissions:

4 Wheel omni-drive

Uses 1 CIM motor to drive on either side as well as 1 globe motor for steering 4-bar linkage

Drive Pods are modular and easily removable identical for replacement

Top speed: 15 ft/s

Belt driven wheels

On board camera to record “robot-eye” view of the game.


Electroquarium GEN III

Lightweight/removable unit contains all electrical major components

Easily removed/installed (in 29 seconds) via multiple quick disconnects

Symmetrical/intuitive design layout for troubleshooting and maintenance


Light/strong/flexible, made of 1/2 in “Europly” (9 ply Russian Birch)

Total robot weight: Approximately 118.5 lbs

Base dimensions – 27″ x 37″

Hugs the trailer

1st year to design chassis around scoring mechanism

Blue colored ground effects made from headlights and under glow


Scores 12 to 15 moon rocks (Scoring element for 2009) per match

Intake System:

2 CIM motors that power 5 intake wheels/3 intake rollers

2 stage ball axuisition mechanism

Automatic ball ejection door for the balls that don’t make it all the way to the hopper

Tower is 12x12x57 in dimensions

Made from 1x1x1/16 aluminum with lexan strips down the sides

Dumping Mechanism:

Made from lexan 1/4 on bottom, 1/16 on the sides and 1/8 on the back

Uses 4 pneumatic cylinders, 2 to power door, 2 for the ram rod

Stores 12 moon rocks