2010 – Scurvy



Drive Train/ Transmissions:

6 wheel teeter drive

2 IFI Roughtop center wheels

4 AndyMark outer wheels

2 speed pneumatic shift transmissions

Low Gear – 9fps

High Gear – 17fps


Electroquarium GEN IV

Lighweight/removable unit contains all electrical major components

Dual purpose-electronics enclosure and structural support for ball deflecting ramp

Highly optimized, efficient layout for easy maintenance and troubleshooting

Standardized I/O connectors: CAT5 and Anderson PowerPole which allow for quick interconnection and software prototyping

Kicking Mechanism:

Two pneumatically retracted kickers

Utilizes cylinder pre-charging and surgical tubing for firing power

Able to clear soccer balls over zone dividers

Chassis/Upper Structure:

Light/strong/flexible, made of 1/2 in “Europly” (9 ply Russian Birch)

Total Robot Weight: Approximately 120 lbs

Ramp structure to guide balls to our side and to block shots in front of goal

Ramp made of PETG reinforced with 1/16th aluminum angle

Ball Control Mechanism:

2 Suction-cup vacuum generators powered by Fisher Price motors