2011 – Blue Cyclone



Drive Train/ Transmissions:

4 wheel mechanum-drive

Uses 4 CIM motors and 4 Tough-Box transmissions

Top speed 11 ft/ s

Chain driven wheels

On board camera to record “robot –eye” view of the game


Electroquarium GEN V

Lighweight/removable unit contains all electrical major components

Easily removed/installed via multiple quick disconnects.

Symmetrical/Intuitive design layout for troubleshooting and maintenance.


Light/strong/flexible, made of 1/16 in. square aluminum tubing

Total robot weight Approx. 11 lbs

Base dimensions-27”x 37”



Scores 5-6 tubes per match

Can score on all 3 levels

Can pick tubes from floor

Auto-detects tubes in jaw for quick pickup

Can score on autonomous


Special Control Features:

Auto-detects tube in jaw and automatically clamps down

Operator station has preprogrammed buttons to auto locate arm in each of the six scoring positions