FIRST Team Paragon 571

Windsor, CT

Ship Update

Ready or not we are done. As of 11:59:59 last night we had no choice but to place the robot in a bag and tag with a numbered zip-tie. Click Here to View the Update

Captain’s Update Week 6

Tuesday is ship: it’s practically here. With the ship date so close much work is being done as quickly as possible. By Tuesday we will be done, whether we are ready or not. Click Here To View The Update

Captain’s Update Week 4

It’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how. Building a robot definitely fits the bill; especially when things are coming together. We are in pretty good shape for the shape we are in.    Click here to view the update

Captain’s Update – Kickoff!!!

Our kick off has occurred. The game has been released. The insanity has begun!


Check the kickoff update to see where we are at. You can look forward to a weekly update to monitor our progress.


Danny and David


Click here to view the update…