FIRST Team Paragon 571

Windsor, CT



The Build team subgroup of Team Paragon designs and builds the robot. Due to the annually-changing rules of the game, the Build team is required to plan a different robot every year. The group also builds a prototype if time permits. Using all the tools at their disposal, the team builds the most efficient robot that they can. The build team is in charge of the wiring of the components in the robot. The Build team is responsible for all of the non-cosmetic hardware in the robot.




The programming subgroup writes software that controls the robot in the tele-operational and autonomous phases of the competition. Every year the Programming team has to program the robot to follow the chosen strategy. The code is split up into multiple pieces and each member of the programming team writes one or more pieces in order to work efficiently. This team is responsible for all the software in the robot.


Drive Team

The purpose of the Drive Team is to control and drive the robot around the field during competitions. The Drive Team is made up of multiple roles: the Drivers, Human Players and Team Mentors/Advisers. Any of the students may try out for the Drive Team once they are eligible. Eligibility consists of being a team veteran, completing 50 hours of build and completing your community outreach hours on time. On top of that, there is a test that must be taken to insure you have studied the game rules and various safety regulations.IMG_3193


The Web team builds and maintains Paragon’s website: the place where all of Paragon’s sponsors and events are advertised and showcased. The website serves as a resource to the team members and those in the community interested in Team Paragon. You can find the team’s forms, calendar, photos, captain’s updates, and FIRST information on the web site.

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The Imagery subgroup of Team Paragon is responsible for presenting the team to the outside world and creating the team’s image. The Imagery team designs the team shirts and incorporates the team logo into as many aspects of the robot as possible. The Imagery team is responsible for personifying the robot and presenting the robot’s image. This subgroup also creates the awards given to other FIRST Robotics teams at the district team awards. This team is responsible for the aesthetic of the robot.IMG_20160116_150853


Our Administration maintains an expansive list of team members and sponsors in order to keep them involved with our ongoing activities or upcoming events. The team handbook is issued to each student so that there is somewhat of an order kept in the chaos of the six weeks of build season. All of the purchasing done, such as supplies for the robot or team t-shirts, is sent through the administration team. With all the purchasing that goes on during the year, we are very thankful that we have such generous sponsors to keep the team running. The Administration team also coordinates parents or mentors to provide food to the site so that the team can work for a longer periods of time.IMG_4206