FIRST Team Paragon 571

Windsor, CT

Community Outreach

Windsor Food Bank

The team participated  in the Windsor EMS Food Drives, and hold our own food drives on the Windsor Center Town Green.

turky for 20

Shad Derby

Each year Paragon presents our team and robots at the Windsor Shad Derby. This is an annual Windsor community event that is a lot of fun. Paragon gets a lot of attention at our robot demos and when we perform our cheers! The children in our community are always amazed by our robot’s abilities and our team. IMG_2552IMG_2555

MS Bike-A-Thon

Team Paragon showed support for another one of our biggest sponsors at the MS Bike-A-Thon. The team went there to help out Griffin Land with whatever they wanted us to do and to pick up cans and bottles for recycling. We also helped clean up after the bike-a-thon

. MS Bike-A-ThonIMG_0107-e1454784689851

Otis Volleyball for United Way

Otis Elevator (Our main sponsor) has a volleyball tournament every year during which Team Paragon has volunteers to assist with refereeing the matches as well as keep things running smoothly. This is just one of the things that we do to help out our sponsors.


WVA Toy Drive

Team Paragon also helped the Windsor Volunteer Ambulance around Christmas time. Every year the volunteer ambulance has a toy drive and we try to every year, to send some students to help with the collection.



The team does a couple of things with the Jaycees, including assisting with the Horseshoe Tournament and the Derby Sheila Schmidt Family Fishing Derby. At the Horseshoe Tournament, team members kept score and helped the Jaycees run the tournament. At the Shad Derby Sheila Schmidt Family Fishing Derby we help the Jaycees put bait on hooks for children and helped them fish. At the Christmas Tree sales we help the Jaycees sell Christmas trees and helped people put the trees on the roofs of cars.


Library Envelope Stuffing  

For the second year, Paragon students and mentors helped out at Windsor Public library’s envelope stuffing event for their fundraising campaign at the Wilson Public Library. Thousands of envelopes were stuffed, snacks were eaten, and everything was wrapped up in record time thanks to the numerous number of volunteers present.  Did you get your Library fundraising letter?  Thanks to all who helped out!


FLL in Windsor Elementary Schools

Each week on Friday, a few students are taken after school to one of the four elementary schools in town. While there, they work with younger students to build a Lego robot as well as program it. (Note that this is technically not FIRST Lego League, but we hope to upgrade it to that in the near future).

Windsor High Open House

Every year, when the high schools that have students on the team have their open houses for freshmen, Paragon has set up a display. This usually involves having a few of the old VEX robots running as well as several students to talk about what the team does. IMG_20150914_192026-e1454789146738-1024x6901-e1454789347101[1]

FTC Competition

Recently our FTC team, The Blazing Paranormals, team 130, competed in the Windsor, Loomis Qualifying Competition. Members from Team Paragon that decide to assist do several jobs, including but not limited to, field reset, judging matches, running the practice tables and assisting with the concessions stand, as well as cheering on our friends in their competition.