FIRST Team Paragon 571

Windsor, CT

Sixth Week Update

As build season comes to a close, we have been working even harder to complete all details of the robot and perfect coding before bag and tag. With our drive team chosen we will begin doing field testing with our final robot and plan for drive practice.

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Fifth Week Update

As we finish week five of our mission, we are nearing the deadline. We continue to work on the final robot and programming for the electro-aquarium, along with many other things.

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Third Week Update

We continue on our mission on our third week of build season. We are half way there….well time wise anyway. The team has finished the prototype robot and we have begun working on the final robot.

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Second Week Update

We continue with our mission during the second week of build season. The team continues in the groove of the work schedule and is working on prototyping while simultaneously working on the final robot chassis and working on activities for competition.

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First Week Update

After watching kick off, the team got straight to brainstorming ideas for the robot and began building prototype mechanisms. We also signed up for subgroups and split up with different schedules to get progress on different elements of the robot and team.

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Kick off Update

After the few months of doing community service for the town and guiding the new members with tool training, Kickoff has finally reached us! Kick off is the game reveal for the FIRST FRC competition season. Here’s what we did during Kickoff on Saturday and Sunday!

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Fall Festivities Update

Although the team has returned to school and work schedules, we have focused our time to help out our community and prepare for the upcoming season! We immediately started fall with tool training, fundraising, team building, and other helpful preparations.

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End of Year Update

As the season wraps up, our team remains busier than ever with post-competition events around the community. The team continues to work on new build, recruitment projects, and make their presence known in Windsor.

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Hartford Recap

Well this is it!!! We made it a long way this year, and just had our last competition for the 2017-2018 season. We’ll get to the competition, but first a quick recap of what we’ve been up to the last few weeks…

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Waterbury Recap

After the robot has been bagged and tagged,  teams around the world have six total hours to  work on the robot outside the bag. In this  short time we managed to add a climber, a  power cube hook for the start of the game, and added to Emmet’s imagery.

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Level 6

It’s the final week before bag and tag day! This week we worked on some of the build aspects of the robot’s imagery by adding the “legs” of Emmet, which hold the finished wiring of the pneumatics to the electropneumatic-aquarium. We were also able finish the second stage of the elevator using a telescoping 80-20 shaft and a pulley system, which together allow the robot to extend much higher.

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Level 5

This week the team worked on the battery box! To do this, we bent sheet metal to match the outer dimensions of our batteries. We also wired in all of the electronics and tested the pneumatic in the electropneumatic aquarium. Lastly started to work on the robot’s imagery by adding Emmet’s legs.

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Level 4 Week 4

This week we worked on the gear box for the elevator of the final robot. The prototype currently has a gear ratio that lacks the power we need to be able to lift the cube, so with a higher gear ratio that will be installed on the competition bot we will be able to reach the scale.

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