FIRST Team Paragon 571

Windsor, CT

2013 – Nemo

Click Here to Find Out How Nemo Got its Name


  • “Electroquarium” GEN VII – A lightweight and removable unit that contains all major electrical components. It is easily removed and reinstalled with a few quick (dis)connections. The Electroquarium is intuitive and symmetrical, designed for easy troubleshooting and maintenance.


  • Strong, durable, yet light, the chassis is made of 1/16 inch square aluminum tubing.
  • Nemo weighs approximately 94 pounds.
  • The base measures 27 inches by 37 inches.

Drive Train/Transmission

  • Uses a two-wheeled design reminiscent of a shopping cart.
  • Contains two CIM motors and two Tough-Box Nano transmissions.
  • Top speed is 10 feet per second.
  • Can drive across the field in under 5.5 seconds.
  • The wheels are driven by chain.


  • Our robot carries three discs at a time, is able to shoot for all three goals, and can hang in under 5 seconds.
  • Additionally, Nemo automatically detects discs in its loader and can autonomously aim for visual targets.