FIRST Team Paragon 571

Windsor, CT

2018 – Emmet


  • “Electropneumoquarium” GEN. 11
  • Raspberry PI co-processor for vision system
  • Nav-X for precise position reckoning


  • Aluminum Kit of Parts
  • Robot Dimensions: 28″ x 25″ x 55″
  • Weight: 105lbs

Drive Train/Transmission

  • 6 Wheel Drive
  • 4 CIM motors
  • 4 Andy-Mark TB-mini transmissions
  • Belt driven wheels

Name Origin

  • 8-Bit game idea but didn’t want to do Pac-man or Mario
  • Paragon participates in Lego program in the elementary and this will carry to that program
  • Lego movie has many themes similar to FIRST and Paragon
  • Everyone got into building LEGOs
  • Emmet showed up in our build area one day which finalized the plan


  • Grabbing Cubes with pneumatic system
  • Height of power cubes to 9 ft
  • Load switch and scale with elevator lift
  • Lift for end game

Programming Features

  • Introducing PID controlled autonomous drive
  • Raspberry PI for vision
  • Component based software design
  • Command Based
  • Configuration driven software
  • Used FRC robot builder to accelerate software development
  • Speed of Robot: 10.5 ft per sec