FIRST Team Paragon 571

Windsor, CT

2017 – Sprocket


  • “Electropneumoquarium” GEN-X
  • Contains all electrical major components
  • Modular Design


  • Aluminum square tube
  • Total robot weight approx. 70 pounds
  • Robot dimensions: 32.5” x 34” x 24”

Drive Train/Transmission

  • Mechanum wheels for omni-directional movement
  • 4 CIM motors and 4 Simple transmissions
  • Chain driven wheels

Name Origin

  • Sprocket: Went with theme of game and the design by the Imagery subgroup was gears with a rustic brass painted chassis.
  • Sprocket II: Changed performance from gathering balls and shooting to collecting and dumping fuel. Cut in half because it was built to incorrect dimensions.
  • Sprocket III: Planned re-design between competitions
  • Matches game theme


  • Climb mechanism for liftoff
  • Dumping mechanism for the low fuel goal
  • Collects gears